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Axana studies, projects and produces exclusive and high quality household machinery which are distributed by companies by means of marketing demonstrations sales channel, direct or trade shows sales , and also through specialized stores.


His biggest wish was to be able to use his fifhteen years of experience working in the ironing board field,in the begining as a worker, and afterwards as a production manager, Arcangelo Manfiotto decided to go a step further with the challenge to become a business man and to have his own company, and in 1996 he founded Axana.

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Axana&#039s goal is to improve people&#039s daily life quality and life stile. We think, project and produce our products thinking to add more value to the daily life.

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Our vision heads to total green. Everything produced by Axana respects not only the environment but also and first of all the company itself.

We are very proud of our high quality products, of their design and advanced tecnology, we also export all over Europe, Russia, North Africa and South America.

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