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With his 15 years of experience in the ironing board production field, initially as a production worker, and afterwards as a production manager, in 1996 Mr. Arcangelo Manfiotto faced the challenge to open his own business known as Axana.

In the first years the production was the making of ironing boards which had an internal built in steam generator and heated board providing vacuum and steam at the same time, certainly an original product for those years.

In 2000 Gioel group starts at Axana bringing important modifications and investments in the company. One of the most important is the creation of a project of the support called Zedì, unique for its Z shape and sold all over the world. Other versions will follow the initial one, until the actual which is known as being the base with the highest performance in the field, having exceptional technical-mechanics and functional capabilities.

In 2003, working very close to Gioel group, Axana creates and produces a project named G400, a water potential based cleaning and disinfection system , unique by its technical and functional capabilities.

Continuous products improvements and developments have bee brought through the years by means of research, inventions which won many prizes, being all duly patented patents protecting their features.