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Eco steam series - V1000


A professional and versatile product. VaporSan is a high pressure steam generator, 5,5 bar and heater steam temperature of 329°F , continuous recharging.

Used for many purposes:

  • to use one or more irons. Up to now such functionality was applied only in professional laundry, giving the possibility to have a professional product to be used at home or small commercial businesses, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, stores.
  • using a set of steam cleaning accessories or to disinfect surfaces.
  • which feeds a powerful water jet that once mixed with vapor, guarantees a very efficient power cleaning, detergent and disinfecting.

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VaporSan is available in two versions, respectively with one connection, and a more professional one with two connections.

VaporSan with one connection

The performances of an incredible generator that feeds an operation device when the steam power is necessary.

Perfect for accessories destined to the cleaning and disinfection at home, being absolutely flexible also used for other purposes.


VaporSan with two connections

The key purpose of VaporSan is the possibility to connect at the same time one or more devices, keeping a professional performance with a reduced storage space needed.

Excellent for a variety of work environments.