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Technical characteristics V1000

: Vaporsan
Rated voltage: 230 V
Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Rated power: 2250 Watt + accessories
Boiler: Steel Inox AISI 304
Boiler power: Incoloy 1300 W + 900W; Total 2200 W
Boiler capacity: Total volume 2 l; Volume H20 during heating 0,7l
Autonomy: unlimited, continuous refilling system
Water tank capacity for refilling: 2 l
Steam pressure: 5,5 bar max (0,55 Mpa)
Steam temperature: 160 C max
Safety: Non self-resetting thermal cut-out, empty thermostat, pressure switch, pressure valve, handle with very low voltage switches (5V)
Mirage function: Mix of hot water and steam pressured jet distributed through a third ellectrovalve
Time steam preparation:  
Electronics: motor power management, overfilled tank alarm, molecular divisor protection, timer air cleaning function with three timings accessible all commands for a normal product
Iron: 800 W
Brush: 500 W
Dress-fit: with brushes
Cable length: 3,5 m
Dimensions: 266 x 238 x 351 mm
Weight: 10 KG
Control labels: CE