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A real example of advanced industrial design.
Thanks to its exclusive Z shape and to its special mechanical system (2 international patents) which permits to adjust in different highs and one is able to iron also when sit down. Can be closed with two moviments only and stays up by itself once closed taking little room space: deep only 12 cm including also heater and iron.

The supports of the Z series have two sets of wheels for an easy transportation, permitting the straight foward and sideways moviments. They have heated board, vacuum and vaporizing with a built in steam generator and professional iron. The steam generator works by automatically refilling water commanded electronically, and can be taken off from the board and used separately with proper acessories as an instrument to clean and desinfect.

Beyond the iron, it is possible to fit a brush in order to vertically iron clothes and delicate textiles, and a steam arrow to eliminate spots, or other acessories for steam cleaning.

The double aluminium support of the board (international patent) garantees a very high heat and vacuum performance providing quality professional and quick ironing.

All materials used are of very high quality, particularly the aluminium used to make the support and the board.

There are two types of support which differs depending of the lenght of the ironing board: zedì 100 and zedì 120.

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