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Accessories S9900



Ergonomic accessory, easy to use having a professional performance, with a smooth alluminium plate, a steam control switch, with the possibility to set a continuous jet or with invervals, and a thermostat which regulates plate temperature.


Multifunction accessory, being at the same time delicate and powerful, can replace the iron in order to iron more delicate clothes. Excellent to refresh coats, fur, jackets, ideal for vertical ironing. 

Zedě Dressfit


Original accessory enabling to use the steam to eliminate spots from clothing. Alternatively, it could be used to steam disinfect the bathroom and surfaces.

Sleeves ironing acessory

Sleeves ironing acessory

Useful accessory for a perfect ironing, reaching all angles, making an efficient ironing possible including those difficult to reach parts if done with a normal ironing board. No more pleats.

Teflon plate

Teflon coating

Excellent accessory to eliminate the the unaesthetic shine effect, granting an optimal iron gliding, providing long lasting results. Last on time.