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Natural Cleaning Series

G400 System

Solution for la quick cleaning and disinfection, long lasting and efficient, Gioel due to its modern technology it is possible to disinfect all kinds of environments.

A special filtering system guided by a "molecular divider" makes sure that>all dirt  dust, bacterial contamination, fungi and yeasts, allergen, heavy metals, and other harmful elements present in the air in any environments are eliminated or the presence of such microrganisms which are spreaded in the air are reduced to a secure level.
The most innovative characteristic of G400 is the possibility to divide and use the vacuum part of the steam generator, advanced technology, modern design, totally new accessories, innovative materials used. All together makes this product the best in the market due to its unique performance. 

The G400 system is completely modular in order to meet all customer needs.


The air cleaning system . Perfect match between technology and the power of water making it possible to air clean and disinfect all indoor environments , creating the same effect present in the nature in rainy days . All dust and harmfull elements will be catched in a small bucket, and only the water will be eliminated by the time this cleaning procedure is finished. A built-in timer makes sure to perform this action automatically, also in the absence of an operator. An innovation created to improve our health.

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G420A - Natural Cleaning Series


Water based vacuum without any filters added. At the moment, it is the most compact vacuum in the market with exceptional functionalities. Liquids and large size solids vacuum capability. Its accessories simplifyes and makes the cleaning action more efficient. The amazing water filter with dinamic or static molecular divider and the absence of other filters makes possible a constant high performance

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G420Z - Natural Cleaning Series


The integrated vacuum, cleaning and disinfect system. Here the complete version of this system. Air filtering and multi surface cleaner together with a powerful heater with a unique performance, reaching a complete cleaning. Now available also with the special function mirage cleaning the most difficult dirt due to its powerful pressurized water jet. This product has been developed in order to guarantee maximum quality and trust.

The system can be used by families, but also by hospitals in special departments where the most care is required such as neonatology, pneumology, infective deseases, specially when a constant elimination of contaminating elements and disinfection   is necessary;Useful for businesses such as bars, restaurants, hotels, but also stores, hairdressers, beauty saloons and many others.

Nowadays Gioel G400 belongs to a study protocol at theNational Research Counsel of Biomedics and Molecular Immunology Institute.

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G421 - Natural Cleaning Series