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The products developed by Axana represent the last modern technical solutions applicable and scientifically advanced.
All details are carefully studied and developed having three main goals which guarantee quality, security and respect to the environment.

The collaborations with Trento and Modena Universities, with some scientific research centres such as Trento IRST in Italy, having important partners in order to develop the Industrial Design, Electronics, Acessories, making it possible that the final result is unique and the best in the market.

Some examples of our technologies

Cross junction

Make it possible to connect 2 acessories with guaranteed vacuum cleaning and steam release at the same time ...»


System created in order to filter the air which has been vacuum, catching all smaller dust particles and harmful elements...»

Mirage System

Heater able to prepare a steam in not longer than 3 minutes, maintaining its own specific and extremely competitive characteristics remaining constant during working time...»