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Axana continues to invest in research, deeply analysing the already existing products trying to always improve them or to create new ones which will better match the actual market needs always in relation to the company's mission.

Patents show this non stop activity, being a written statement related to all study and development goals achieved, being the start reference in order to follow up another perfecting and innovative work.

Internationally extended Patents: Italy, Europe, Russia, Brazil, Japan, China, USA, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan

  • Snodo
  • Machinery body (design)
  • Vacuum/filtering system
  • Machinery body division capabilities: plug and unplug system
  • Optimized heater
  • Production system MIRAGE
  • Many global fittings (design)
  • Level meter informing heater level
  • Zedì: design
  • Zedì: opening and closure system
  • Zedì: Al double board